Honeymoon in Fiji

Amanda and I went to the South Pacific for our honeymoon. We stayed at two places - the Outrigger Reef on Viti Levu, and the Marlin Bay Resort on Beqa Island. Both were very nice places, but we enjoyed Beqa the best (lots of scuba), as well as Mana Island, where we went on a day trip. This was our first trip scuba diving, and we loved it!

so how much is this going to cost us?

not bad at all ... think their water bill is high?

who believes in a flash on a camera? not us!

ok, pick out the location for our new house and we're staying

uh, it's a dolphin , I swear, only a dolphin I'm looking at!

and if you look past the beautiful woman, there is a beach back there!

portrait of a very happy couple relaxing

breathe, honey, breathe ... you can't stay down all day again

bet you didn't know my foot could bend like that!

mermaid in action


name is Bond ... James Bond

OK, I did ... now get me another smoothie to drink

hey are you going to paddle too or what?

hey, this is fun ... especially when she is doing all the work!

those safety instructions just put you to sleep

your mastercard or mine? it's all one money pot now, you realize?

Just because I'm not in a bikini ...get the focus back on ME!

the beach is too crowded right now to use

my William Gibson impression

boy, I look good .... remember this picture!

Once married... you're in the web ;)

You ARE going to be in trouble for that pic, you realize!

sure we can go ... in a few minutes ...

there's my bottle ... where's yours?

it will do for now ... unless our mansion is built

sure it's fun now ... put down that camera and join me

don't EVER do that again unless we're alone
Heh heh heh, I was recording that--YouTube here it comes!

um, right behind you is a ....

ooops, now I see it too

Soory guys, I shouldn't have had beans at lunch!
Sorry guys, I shouldn't have those beans at lunch!

honey, I'm sure I can fix it ... just a sec

we're becoming professionals at relaxing together

so what did you put in that last smoothie?


School of barracuda!

Rob swimming with the barracuda!


how many pounds is all of this junk on me?

Moray eel

Clown Trigger Fish

The extremely ferocious Blue Ribbon Eel.


still happy ... honeymoon is going well so far

OK, I got the directions ... now let me show you

Giant Clam

Rock Lobster!!!

where's the concierge with the golf cart? pheww!

Tiny dart fish... they zip into a hole instantly when they're threatened.

do NOT touch!

An under water ATM.


if you laugh together, you'll stay together

you're such a kidder ...

OK, he's a keeper ... now for the next 20 years

It's been a rough honeymoon!!