Moab, October 2001

This is my first trip down to Arches and Canyonlands since I was probably eight years old. I had a blast this trip... especially hiking around at Arches! :-).

Be sure to see Mike's and Nate's pictures from this same weekend.

Dead Horse Point

Bald and Beautiful

from the top of a rock in Hidden Canyon.

me climbing that rock...
this picture looks strangely familiar!

me on top of that rock...
picture thief!!!

a bowl seen from on top of that same rock.

That's me at Turret Arch.

Double Arch

Dave being a mountaingoat at Double Arch.

"ok, now how do i get down?"

If done properly, the Crane technique has NO defense!

on the trail to Delicate Arch.

Me and Dave, Delicate Arch behind us.

Skyline Arch

me and Mike at the Minor Overlook

Mike taking a photo at Anticline overlook.

Rob pondering life, the universe and his navel...on the horizon.

Potash evaporative ponds

the Windows Arches.