Moab, Utah - April 2002

Mike, Nate, Mat, and I go on a weekend Moab adventure. We all had our cameras... be sure to check out all the other photos from this trip!
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hurry get naked so i can take the picture


........water boobies

im gunna push them

mines this big

ommmmm.... ommmmmmmm.... ommmmmmmm.....



Can't a guy take a wiz in private anymore?

"i can't believe you dropped the keys in there!!!"

Did you just hear a rumble???

look like a people

ooooh ya... thats it....

mike 'Wile E. Coyote" after another ill-fated plan.

is there a road around here someplace?

now pitching for the seattle mariners.... mathew sutherland!

i am cool....right

Primitive gang graffiti

So this guy has a bucket of red paint right. And I say there is no way you are going to throw that at my head. And then I stuck out my tongue like this and....

Ain't THAT the truth...