Seattle - April 2002

Amanda and I go up to Seattle to visit Mat and Mark, and to see Robin Williams in concert. (No pics from the concert, but he was funny as hell!)
Be sure to check out Mat's pictures as well.

Matt, Rob, & Mark.
Sorry, I mean Mat.

Look at all the cement!

Mat wonders if he can spit on that guy.

The Holiday Inn - we stayed there in 1986! :)

Mmm, precious spacecraft!


Protests in Seatle that hit the news!

I think I need to pee......

Andy, Mat, Mark, and Amanda

Andy, Mat, Mark, Rob, Amanda

"The Great Northern" from Twin Peaks

Rob thinks that every time we are in a car, it's photo shoot time.
why do you pose then?

My sad attempt to get him back.
Work it! Work it!
Go Dasani.