Xmas 2000

Annual reunion Xmas party at Rob's house. I went a little crazy with head closeups towards the end of the pictures... that's because I wanted source material in case we wanted to do this again. ;-)

Check out Mike's and Ray's pictures from the same party.

The calm before the party.
Mat's having Pleasantville flashbacks.

What is Mat so startled by???
Then someone wheeled in the carboard cutout of mat.

That's a mighty nice looking belly button you have there boy!

What is Mat so mad at???

What's phi doing to the fridge? ... or what is it doing to HER???

oooo oooo
i think i can get this whole bottle up my nose

I see you, dont try anything you biatch
Things were going fine until Sarah started breast feeding.

Finish him!!!
Every last drop of him!

fist clenched!!!.. cant hold back any longer..

Oh my heck!

Watch out! Don't spill that drink!
Rob spontaneously erupts and the whole house rolls over

Got milk?



Damn thats the biggest hand Ive ever seen!
Two star-crossed lovers in the background staring into each others eyes.
your mother.

I came to Rob's party and all I got was this sad excuse for a cake!

if i close my eyes I can almost feel it

bleat mah mah, all the sheep headed to the feeding grounds

Look at Ann and her perfect posture.

I will solve this new Rubik's toy!

oooo oooo

do you think he can stand if we remove the piano lid from his head now?
mmmm that looks might tasty

looks unstable, quick put it back in his head

on 3, turn, draw, and fire

if you press this button back here, her mouth opens
it was him...I swear...don't fall for that innocent act.

hehehe, do you think they know this is a fake smile? Come right this way ladies!
What happened to my beard?!?
Little do the ladies know about the "instruments" in Matt's car...you don't need to know the details...

I cant see to get this arm off me, been carrying it around for years now

so Dave, this is how you smile, you pull your lip corners up and show your teeth, thusly!
Nice hat dave.

found this snazzy new hat in San Francisco
go go gadget copter!

the latest addition to the wax works caused distress

fascinating.. it seems to have taken control of my face
I'm pushing it out - hold on

...and if I stretch my face like this...my hair will fall out!!

duuude, give some more of that shit man, its f*kin awesome man!
This is the look why I don't drink...I don't ever wanna look like this again!

Have a happy fucking new year!
Have a merry fucking Christmas!
Look! .... On the shelf!

You can have the smile...

... or you can have the eyes, but not both!
if i try hard enough I can make the tooth come out all the way

*sad* I'll add my own - CHEESE FOR ME PLEASE

If I ignore him, maybe he won't put the straw in my ear

quick! i can't smile like this much longer!
oooo oooo

WHOA!! Now those are COLD hands!
damn that good!! do some more!
ROFLMAO - oooo oooo
oops I sat on the shampoo bottle!
Ok. Who superglued my eyelide open? Not funny.
I feel like Im back on Mars again without a helmet

when I click my fingers you will awaken... you will think you have a full head of hair!
Sleep laughing

my face hurts, can I stop smiling now?
I did this when I was 5 and someone slapped me on the back

Someone's nicked me right earhole!

I am electro-man.. fear my sparks!

wait til I put my eyes back in

that's better

Don't go into the light, Carol Anne!

mmm.... BEER VALLEY...
Nah...Phi couldn't possibly know what I'm thinking...
Hey Pinky... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The alternate x-files party.
A good example of Bullet time in action

ok, now you know the drill, hold on tight, pull!!!

Reasons against self-photography #9132
Where are the carrots???

must.. keep.. head.. up.. erghh!!
Rob's possessed by a giant alien cockroach.
Nate shows off his new teeth paid for by the military
Alien vs Predator.

I just swallowed something, and I think Im gonna puke!

do you think they will notice where my other hand is?

just the one ticket please

Is this the auditions for 'When the world turns?'

muah ha ha, I have de kamera, I will now take my revenge
so if I pull this black part what happens.. hmm, stupid 21st century toys!

I saw this move in a Jackie Chan movie once...

*WARNING* Please dont photograph the animals.. sensitive to cameras!

i'm a little teapot...

Dave demonstrates proper technique.
Why are Philina and Derick checking out that guy's butt?

Victory! Victory!

It was a great party until the earth's axis started tilting out of control

Here we see Jenn in her natural state.

what do we want? LIPS! when do we want them? NOW!

new lifeform found on Dave's face
and if we go in closer we can see that there may once have been water flowing on the surface of this planet
Frimbat Ahoy!

we're blurry and happy!

Think unsexy thoughts.
hee-hee...you can't see me.

and thats when I pondered life without a body...

Rob's drunk, but at least he still has his clothes on
Well... just his shirt...

castles f*ck you up man, some good shit!